Rental Agreement

1. The general rental agreement:

This rental agreement is valid for the lease agreements concluded by Villapartner as a broker between owner of the holiday home and tenant. Villapartner operates alone as a broker and is thus solely responsible as such. Villapartner is solely responsible for errors and omissions directly attributable to the agency. Villapartner accepts no responsibility for changing circumstances that do not concern the holiday home itself. All changes to agreements between tenant and Villapartner must be in writing for validity.

The tenant is obliged to check the lease submitted and it is thus the responsibility of the tenant that all information is correct.

2. Arrival/Departure:

Arrival can take place at 4pm at the earliest on the day of arrival and departure no later than 10 am on the day of departure. The key will normally only be available with presentation of the original rental receipt.

3. The holiday home:

All Information for the specific holiday home can be found in the internet description. Not mentioned facilities and services can not be expected to be covered by the rental agreement. In case of doubt, Villapartner must be contacted prior to the date of arrival. Bed linen and towels are not included in the rental price. It is stated in the description what is applicable to each house. When nothing is mentioned, this service is not available.

3.1. Holiday home size

The size of the holiday home is stated in M² and is stated by the owner of the property.

3.2. Number of tenants

The holiday home and the related land must only be inhabited by the maximum number of persons allowed, including children of whatever age. If the house is inhabited by more people than the maximum allowed, the holiday home owner or their representative has the right to, without notice, immediately expel the surplus people.

If the tenant does not comply with such expulsion within 12 hours from the expulsion has been notified, the holiday home owner and/or Villapartner has the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect and without further notice to expel all residents without reimbursement of the rent. Villapartner mainly provides holiday homes for families and couples. Groups, that is, at least 6 people or more, who are not family or couples, are of course also welcome to book a holiday home but must sign up as a group at the time of the rental agreement. Villapartner or the owner of the property is entitled to reject a group if information about the group has not occurred in good time before the start of the lease. Villapartner or the owner of the property can, in the case of a group, upon arrival at the holiday home charge an increased deposit, as well as mandatory final cleaning.

3.3. Tents and caravans

It is forbidden to pitch tents, caravans or the like on or at the ground of the holiday home. The holiday home owner or Villapartner has the right to promptly request these removed. If the tenant does not comply with such instructions, the holiday home owner and/or Villapartner has the right to terminate the lease agreement with immediate effect and without further notice expel all residents without reimbursement of the rent.

3.4. Pets and allergy

In some holiday homes, pets are not allowed. However, this does not mean that pets have not previously been staying in the holiday home.

3.5. Noise

Unexpected noise from construction, traffic or the like may occur ouside Villapartner's or holiday home owner's control, so neither Villapartner nor the holiday home owner can be held responsible for noise issues outside the property.

3.6. Newly built holiday homes

It should be noted that the foundation of a newly built holiday home is not always completely "finished", that is, with grass, bushes and the like.

3.7. Swimming pool

If the holiday home contains a swimming pool, the tenant is obliged to follow any instructions regarding the use of the swimming pool by the holiday home owner or his representative for safety reasons. The owner is responsible for the use of the swimming pool. Children may not stay in the pool area without adult supervision.

3.8. Presentation of the holiday home

The description of the privately owned holiday homes is designed to the best of our knowledge. We reserve the right to make changes as well as any typo errors. The perception of inventory and surroundings is individually produced and, of course, depends on the taste of the individual homeowner, and consequently the categorization specified can only be considered as a guiding assessment.

4. Holiday price

The rental price includes rental of the holiday home for the specified period, and any services included in the rental price according to the rental certificate. Additional costs must be paid before arrival.


An order is a binding purchase agreement in accordance with the Purchasing Act. If the holiday home is booked more than 8 weeks prior to occupancy, 1st rate of 25% of the amount due will be paid immediately after booking. If the holiday home is booked less than 8 weeks prior to occupancy, the full amount will be paid immediately after booking. Payment must be received by Villapartner within 3 days of the order. If the payment is not registered with Villapartner within the payment deadline, the reservation will be canceled in accordance with the cancellation rules described in section 6 and without notice. Despite the fact that Villapartner cancels a booking due to a lack of payment, the amount of the tenant is deducted. Any complaints about the rental certificate submitted must be made no later than 3 days after the holiday home has been booked.

Payments can be made:
Bank transfer.

6. Cancellations / Amendments:

A lease agreement can not be terminated or changed by the tenant. The tenant is entitled to cancel the holiday home until 8 weeks before the rental period starts. In case of such cancellation, 1st rate will not be refunded. If canceled less than 8 weeks before the start of the rental period, the total rent amount is lost - ie the balance must be paid in any case. An cancellation or amendment is considered as made when written notice has been received.

If the tenant can put another tenant in his place, for the same period and at the same price, Villapartner accepts a change of name for payment of a fee of DKK 400,-. Notice must be made in writing to Villapartner. Villapartner accepts, as far as possible, a rebooking of the original rental agreement up to 8 weeks before moving towards a fee of dkk 400. Any rebooking of the original rental agreement from 8 weeks prior to occupancy or less will be considered a cancellation followed of a new order and the above cancellation terms will come into force.

There is no right of withdrawal of accommodation agreements when the rental period is a part of the agreement, cf. Section 17 of the Danish Consumer Contracts Act. 2, 1.

7. Insurance:

The rental price is inclusive of deposit/liability insurance. Cancellation insurance can be purchased for 4% of the rental price in connection with the booking process.


7.1 Which casualties cover the insurance?

The insurance covers in case the insured can not commence the stay as a result of,
7.1.1 the victim or his spouse or cohabitant (s), parents, parents of papers, siblings, parents of children, children or orphans are affected by death or serious acute illness or injury,
7.1.2 fire or burglary in the insured's private residence or business immediately prior to the commencement of the stay, if a police report is available.
7.1.3 the insured's start of a new job in connection with unexpected termination, which means that the insured is unable to hold a holiday during the duration of the stay.

7.2 What expenses does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers the part of the insured's payment which the lessor is entitled to when the stay is canceled before the stay commences.

7.3 Exceptions

The insurance does not cover if
7.3.1 The reason for the cancellation is different from the coverable reasons stated in this insurance (the insurance thus does not cover if cancellation is made due to changed travel plans, cancellation, etc.)
7.3.2 The illness or injury that is the reason for the cancellation was present at the time of the insurance,
7.3.3 the insurance event has been caused by the assured by gross negligence, intentional self-inflicted intoxication or self-inflicted influence on drugs or other poisons.

8. Power / Energy Consumption:

In the holiday homes where the energy consumption is not included in the rental price (this will be stated in the internet presentation of the holiday home) is calculated separately on departure, directly to the holiday home owner or his representative. Therefore, we recommend that you note the measurements of use when calculating the power consumption on arrival and departure. All indoor swimming pools are heated. This is a natural part of the high standard of these holiday homes. Therefore, extra energy costs (electricity, oil) are required for heating the swimming pool. The temperature in indoor swimming pools is approx. 24 °. All outdoor swimming pools are heated differently depending on the holiday home's choice, and therefore no information about temperature can be stated. Outdoor swimming pools can not normally be used throughout the year.

9. Final cleaning:

It is the responsibility of the tenant to leave the holiday home in a clean condition and free of dishes, and waste must not be left behind. We ask that the tenant pay special attention to cleaning of fridge, freezer, stove, oven, grill and sanitary installations. The cost of missing or inadequate final cleaning is charged to the tenant. If the tenant has ordered the final cleaning, it does not exempt the tenant from the obligation to clean the dishes, empty the refrigerator and clean up in and around the holiday home before departure.

10. Deposit:

The tenant is obliged to treat the holiday home properly, with respect, as the tenant is liable for any damage caused by the tenant or those accompanying the tenant. At the start of the lease, keys are provided for payment of a deposit or this is charged in advance. Deposit secures the holiday home owner's interests in case of damage to the house and/or missing or inadequate final cleaning. The amount of the deposit will be shown on the rental certificate. The paid deposit will normally be refunded at the end of the rental period or submitted no later than 1 month after the termination of the rental period, provided that the holiday home is delivered in a properly cleaned condition, and if the tenant does not owe the holiday home owner additional amounts. Unresolved issues with energy consumption, etc., damages and missing final cleaning will be deducted before repayment. Should the value of the above set off exceed the amount of the deposit, the excess amount will be billed tot he tenant. When renting holiday homes for groups, the normal deposit will be higher as well as renters may be subject to one or more mandatory final cleaning depending on the length of the rental.

Forgotten things can, if requested within 2 weeks be returned by Villapartner for payment of a fee of DKK 200, - The fee will not be refunded even if the forgotten things are not found.

11. Lacks and complaints:

Any complaints about the holiday home and its inventory must always be notified to the holiday home owner and/or his representative on the spot immediately upon acceptance and no later than 24 hours after arrival. Here you will try to solve the problems and problems that may arise. If this does not lead to an acceptable solution, Villapartner must be contacted by telephone or by SMS on (+45) 31610047 within 48 hours of the start of the initial rental period. The tenant must then give Villapartner a reasonable time to have any errors, damages or deficiencies corrected. If a fault, shortage or damage can not be rectified, a written complaint must be given to Villapartner no later than 1 month after the rental periods end bythe tenant.

Unsatisfactory cleaning on arrival is purely a matterbetween the tenant and the holiday home owner and/or its representative and must be reported immediately on the day of arrival.

The homeowner/contact person/house manager on site does NOT represent Villapartner as a tour operator/contract partner. He or she can not pronounce, give or make legitimate statements or actions in Villapartner's name. Any decision in an action for damages is a matter between the tenant and Villapartner/contract partner. Should the tenant from the holiday home have previously notified Villapartner and without giving the latter a reasonable time to rectify any mistake or damage, Villapartner may not be liable for any damages. or repayment obligation.

12. Unforeseen circumstances/force majeure (war, strike, natural disaster and the like):

The tenant is not liable for payment of the rent if he is due to personal circumstances or force majeure (war, natural and pollution disasters, epidemics, border closure, traffic conditions, strike, lockout and similar force majeure situations) will be prevented from exercising the right of use provided by him under the lease. The vendor and/or holiday home owner may cancel the lease agreement if the lease is due to unforeseen circumstances/force majeure (e.g. War, natural and pollution disasters, epidemics, border closure, traffic conditions, stopping currency trading, strike, lockout and similar force majeure situations) that could not be foreseen at the conclusion of the rental agreement are not possible or significantly impaired, as neither the holiday home owner nor Villapartner can be held responsible in such cases. Villapartner is entitled by force majeure to cover all costs incurred, including booking costs associated with the termination of the lease. The owner or Villapartner can not be held responsible In the event of an insect attack on the holiday home or property, in the event of theft or similar resulting in Villapartner is not responsible for changes in local tax conditions that were not known upon the conclusion of the lease and which entail a separate payment from the lessee to the landlord upon arrival on behalf of the country of residence. Vilapartner reserves the right to to charge due to changed tax conditions, fees or rules that were not known at the time of the lease.