Liability and household contents insurance is included in ALL rental prices

Cancellation or curtailment of stay insurance can be added for 4 % of the rental price. This insurance can be added during the ordering process.

Europæiske’s insurance for hirers of holiday homes
Insurance conditions no. 292 C
In compliance with the Danish Insurance Contracts Act

    1. Who is covered by the policy?
      The persons whose names are stated on the policy, hereafter referred to as the Insured.
    2. Period of cover?
      The policy covers from the date it is taken out until the end of the rental period. The maximum rental period covered is up to two months. It is a precondition of the company’s liability that the insurance is taken out and paid for no later than the first instalment is paid to hiring agency.
    1. Which claims events are covered by the insurance?
      The policy provides cover in case the Insured is unable to commence or complete the stay due to
      1. death, serious acute illness or injury of the Insured, the Insured’s spouse or cohabitant, parents, step-parents, siblings, step-siblings, children or step-children.
      2. fire or burglary at the Insured’s private residence or place of business immediately prior to commencement of the stay insofar as a police report exists.
      3. the Insured’s commencement of a new job in connection with unexpected termination, which hinders the Insured from vacation in the period of stay.
    2. Which expenses are covered by the policy?
      The policy covers the part of the Insured’s payment to which the rental agency is entitled in case of cancellation prior to commencement of stay.
      The policy covers the Insured’s rental payment for the days not used, as per item 2.5. In case of curtailment after 12 o’clock, compensation is paid from the following day onward.
    3. Exceptions
      The policy does not cover any claim in case
      1. the cause of the cancellation/curtailment is other than the covered events stated in this policy (the policy does not cover if cancellation/curtailment is due to change of travel plans, change of mind etc.),
      2. the illness or injury causing the cancellation/curtailment was present at the time the policy was taken out,
      3. the claim event is caused by the Insured’s gross negligence, deliberate act, self-induced intoxication by alcohol, drugs or other toxic substance
    4. Sum insured
      The sum insured stated in the policy is the limit of Europæiske’s liability
    5. Deductibles
      1. In case of curtailment during the rental period, a 25% deductible is incurred.
      2. In case of cancellation due to an event covered under item 2.1.3 a deductible of 50% is incurred, although DKK 1,000 minimum.
    6. Special provisions
      1. In case the person who is the cause of the cancellation or curtailment is 75 years or older, the liability of the company is limited to a maximum of DKK 10,000, regardless of the sum insured stated on the policy
    7. Claims procedure
      Any and all claims must be reported to the rental agency immediately. A claims form or doctor’s enclosure with a diagnosis is to be sent to Europæiske Rejseforsikring A/S. In case of fire, burglary or fraudulent events, a police report must be enclosed alongside the claims form.
      1. Scope of cover:
        The policy covers the liability the Insured incurs according to the rental agreement for damages to household contents during the insurance period, including damages to windows and wash basins.
      2. Exceptions
        Compensation is not paid for:
        1. Ordinary wear and tear, scratches, smudging or gradual deterioration.
        2. Theft committed by the Insured or guests of the Insured.
        3. Liability incurred for damages caused by deliberate acts.
        4. Liability for damages caused by the Insured under the influence of self-induced drunkenness or self-induced intoxication by drugs or other psychotropic substances, in cases where being under said influence is a significant contributory cause of the damages.
        5. Damages caused by dogs or other pets.
        6. Bicycles and marine vessels including windsurfers, rowing boats, canoes, kayaks and their component parts.
        7. Cosmetic damages to wash basins, including spas and whirlpools.
        8. Damage to swimming pools and water contained therein.
        9. Fixed built-in objects (such as doors, windows, door and window frames, built-in wardrobes and cupboards, kitchen countertops, etc.)
      3. Sum insured
        The policy covers up to and including a maximum of €6,500 for damages to household items during the period of cover. Special private household contents are covered solely up to a maximum of €1,300 per insurance event.
      4. Deductible
        A deductible of €65 per claim is paid by the Insured per insurance event.
      5. Assessment of compensation
        1. For totally damaged items, compensation is assessed according to the following principles: For items which are less than two years old and were otherwise unblemished prior to the damage, compensation equals the replacement cost of a comparable new item. For items older than two years, the compensation is based on the replacement cost of a comparable new item, with a deduction of 10% for each year passed since the date of original purchase. The minimum compensation is 20% of the original purchase price.
        2. The company may choose to have damaged items repaired or pay an amount equal to the depreciation in value.
        3. The company is entitled, but no obliged, to replace items in kind.
      6. Accepting claims
        The company is only obliged to pay costs incurred with the acceptance of the company. The Insured accepting liability or paying a claim will not oblige the company. By accepting liability, the Insured accepts the risk of having to pay the claim him- or herself.
      7. Claims procedure
        Any and all claims must be reported to the rental agency immediately. Documentation/claims form must then be sent to Europæiske Rejseforsikring A/S.The Insured and the rental agency are obliged to provide any and all information which may shed light on the matter as well as to notify in case a policy is taken out with another company.GENERAL CONDITIONS
        1. Multiple insurance
          The policy does not cover expenses covered by another insurance.
        2. Recourse
          Regarding item 3 and in accordance with the Danish Compensation and Liability Act (“Erstatningsansvarsloven”) it applies that, insofar as a claim is covered by property insurance, the liability of the Insured is annulled unless the damage is done deliberately or due to gross negligence.
        3. Right of withdrawal
          For travel insurance with an insurance period longer than one month, the following right of withdrawal applies.
          • As per Law on Insurance Agreements §34, you have the right of withdrawal
          • The stipulated period of withdrawal is 14 days and is calculated from the most recent of the following:
            • The day you received notification that the insurance agreement is made or
            • The day you received written information on the right of withdrawal. If the stipulated period ends on a bank holiday, a Sunday or on 5 June (Constitution Day) you have until the next working day.
          • Before the right of withdrawal expires you must inform Europæiske that you wish to withdraw from the agreement. If this notification is sent by mail, the letter must be sent before the stipulated period ends. In case you want to be able to prove that you have done so, you may send a registered letter and keep the postal receipt. Notification of your withdrawal from the agreement must be sent to: Europæiske Rejseforsikring A/S; Frederiksberg Allé 3; 1790 København V; Danmark
      8. Transfer of rights
        No one can pledge or assign his/her rights under this policy without the consent of Europæiske.
      9. The Insurance Agreement and Legal Venue
        Regarding the insurance agreement, these insurance conditions, current law on insurance agreements and the Insured’s rental agreement apply.
      10. Insurance Complaints Board
        Should the Insured disagree with Europæiske’s decision, and in case renewed approach does not settle the issue, the Insured may lodge complaints with: The Insurance Complaints Board, Anker Heegaards Gade 2,1572 København V, Telephone +45 33 15 89 00 (between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.). Complaints to the board must be submitted on a special form, and a small fee is to be paid. Form and postal giro for the fee payment may be obtained from
        • Europæiske
        • Insurance Complaints Board
        • Danish Insurance Association (“Forsikringsoplysningen” – a public insurance information service), Amaliegade 10, 1256 København K. Telephone +45 33 13 75 55 (between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.)
      11. Legal venue
        Lawsuits against Europæiske Rejseforsikring A/S must be brought before the Copenhagen City Court or the Appeals Court, Eastern Division (“Østre Landsret”) in Copenhagen, Denmark.
      12. Definitions
        For the purposes of this policy, the terms mentioned are defined as follows:
        • Acute illness. ‘Acute illness’ covered by this insurance is taken to mean a newly-occurred disease, a well-founded concern about a new serious disease, or an unexpected deterioration of an existing or chronic condition.
        • Household contents. ‘Household contents’ is taken to mean objects which are normally found at a private residence, including carpets. Buildings, walls and fixtures/fixed parts of a building are not household contents – although kitchen tabletops are considered as such.
        • Special private household contents. ‘Special private household contents’ is taken to mean antiques, tape- and record players and CD-players and similar, tapes, cassettes, records, compact discs, minidisks, amplifiers, loudspeakers, works of art, paintings, musical instruments, radio, video- and TV-devices and accessories as well as rugs.

In the event of litigation, the original Danish version of the above conditions is the sole valid version.