We value your privacy


Villapartners privacy policy about cookies and personal data.

If you have any questions about this topic, please contact us at tel.  +45 88807772 or by e-mail at info@villapartner.dk. We are happy to be at your disposal with all detailed information.

  1. What information is collected and why?

    We collect two types of information about you when you visit our websites. On the one hand, the information you provide to us and, on the other hand, the information we collect in order to learn how our website is being used so that we can further improve and adapt it.

  2. The information provided by you

    This is information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, as well as any poll information we ask you to do. This information is stored along with information about your holiday wishes, such as time and booking number. On this background we can complete your order. Furthermore, this information may be used for statistical purposes, for quoting, and for the preparation and dispatch of our material such as brochures, e-mail or flyers with offers for the coming season.

    2.1 Payment Information
    The payment by credit card is done via the online payment service PayPal, and from our homepage in a crypted way. We do not have any data about your credit card.

    2.2 Registration for the newsletter
    If you are interested in our online newsletter, you can get it by registering your email address.

    We never send a newsletter or similar material without your explicit permission.

    If you do not wish to receive further newsletters, please inform us via email to info@villapartner.de.

    2.3 If you want to be completely deleted from our file and the distributors, please inform us via email to info@villapartner.de about it.

  3. Cookies

    In addition to the information that you save in connection with a booking or subscription to the newsletter or other services, we use cookies. Cookies are small digital information units left by the website on the hard drive. The cookie does not identify the individual user, but only the terminal, e.g. the PC, the mobile phone, the tablet. A cookie is not a program and contains no viruses.

    Cookies are used to improve the website's service, such as through the shopping cart page, or subscription services. The system remembers your e-mail address when you as a subscriber change your subscription. The use of cookies does not affect your safety when using the website.

    Villapartner.de uses cookies, which usually expire after each session, that is, when you close your browser (so-called session cookies). In addition, we use cookies that have a maximum expiration time of 730 days, and delete them automatically. You are on your hard drive during this period (persistent cookies).

    At each visit, regardless of the presence of a cookie, Villapartner.dk recognizes the browser choice, the user, the operating system, the host and the URLs of the pages you access. This data is used in a comprehensive and anonymous form for statistical analysis of the general use of the website.

    3.1 ad server
    Villapartner.dk makes regular agreements and partnerships with advertising servers. Therefore, clicking on ads places cookies on the user's terminals to optimize the use of advertising.

    When visiting our website, we collect information about which pages you visit and how long you stay on each page. This process takes place unnoticed in the background and without you knowing it.

    3.2 Social media websites (plug-ins)
    Our website contains a feature for sharing content on social networks, so-called social plugins to social media sites such as social media sites. facebook.com, Instagram and Google+. If you are a member of such a social media site and you are logged into these services while visiting our website, these social media sites have access to the information you have visited on our website. If you use any of our parts features like Facebook "Like-Button" or Share on Twitter feature, this information will be sent and saved on your social media page. If you want to avoid this "sharing", then you should log out of these social media pages before visiting our homepage.

    3.3 Consent to the use of cookies
    By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies by Villapartner as described here. You can delete cookies at any time. If you would like to refuse the use of cookies on your computer, please see point 3.4. Please note that you can use our website without cookies only with limited functionality.

    3.4 How can I delete or block cookies?
    Please note the following instructions: http://minecookies.org/cookiehandtering

  4. Where is my data stored?

    The data is stored in a database on a secure server.

    The information collected is stored for up to 5 years. Cookies are deleted after a number of months that may vary, but are renewed after each visit.

  5. Who uses the information?

    First and foremost Villapartner's own employees who use information stored in our systems and only for the purposes already mentioned above. However, we share some necessary information with partners such as homeowners and service providers so that we can fulfill our obligations and provide you with the best service.

    We may also share information with selected third parties, such as homeowners or their vicarious agents, with credit card companies or with external suppliers to assist with the implementation of your booking and travel plans.

    In addition, we will not disclose information to third parties without your consent.

  6. How can we contact you in the future?

    We would like to provide you with information about selected partners, products, offers and services. We can do this by phone, e-mail or SMS, unless you have informed us that you do not want to receive it. We ask you always to confirm in advance that you would like to receive offers from third parties. If you would like to change the way we use your information in our marketing, please email us this request at info@villapartner.de