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Your personal information is handled confidentially.

Villapartner's policy regarding cookies and protection of personal data

If you have any questions about this, please contact us by phone +45 88807772 or by mail

  1. What information is collected and why?

We collect two types of information about you when you visit our web pages. One kind is the one you provide us. The other kind is those we gather to learn more about how our webpages are used, so we can continually improve them.


2. The information you provide

This is information about your name, address, phone number and email address, as well as any analytical data that we ask you. This information is stored together with information about which accommodation you want to book, the time period and the booking number. Based on this, we can complete your order. In addition, the information can be used for statistical purposes in connection with the evaluation of our offer and the like as well as the sending of subsequent material such as brochure, e-mail or flyer with offers for the coming season.

2.1 Registration for newsletter

If you are interested in receiving our online newsletter, you can sign up with your e-mail address. We never send a newsletter or similar material without specifically having your permission.

You can unsubscribe at any time by either unsubscribing the newsletter or sending us an email to

2.2 You can be deleted completely from our databases by writing an email to


3. cookies

In addition to the information you enter in connection with purchase, subscription to newsletters and other services, the website uses cookies. Cookies are digital information packages that the website stores on your hard drive. The cookie used does not identify the individual user, but the user's terminal equipment, eg PC, mobile phone etc. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses.

Cookies are used to improve the website's service, for example, by using the shopping cart, or subscribing services where the system recalls your email address when you as a subscriber wish to change your subscription. Use of cookies does not compromise your security by using the website. uses cookies that usually expire after each session, that is, when you close your browser (so-called session cookies). In addition, cookies are set with an expiration date and are stored on your hard drive during that period (so-called persistent cookies) in accordance with the laws.

For each visit to the website - regardless of the presence of a cookie - registers the user's type of browser, operating system, host and URLs of the pages that are requested. This data is used in a comprehensive and anonymous form for statistical analysis of the general use of the website.

3.1 Regarding Ad Servers is entering into ongoing agreements or partnerships with advertising server companies, which means that when advertisements are clicked cookies will be placed on the customer's terminal equipment to register the use of the advertisement.

As you move around on our internet pages, we gather information about where on the site you are moving and how long. It takes place in the background without notice. This information is collected using cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is loaded on your machine. A cookie is NOT a program and therefore can not harm or give your machine virus.

3.2 Social media websites (plug-ins)

This site contains a sharing function, also called social plugins for social media pages, such as:, Instagram, and Google+. If you are a member of such social media pages and you are logged in as you visit our website, these social media pages have access to the information that you have visited our website. If you use one of our remote features, such as the Facebook "Like" button or Share on Twitter feature, this information will be sent and stored on your personal social media page. If you want to avoid this information you can log out of these before visiting Villapartner's website.

3.3 Consent to use cookies

By using our website you accept Villapartner's use of cookies as described on this page. You can delete cookies and possibly refuse the use of cookies on your computer, please see how you can do so below. Please note that without the use of cookies you may not be able to use our website to its full functionality.

3.4 How are cookies deleted or blocked?

See the instructions for deleting cookies here:


4. How are data stored?

Data is stored in a database on a secure server.

The information collected is stored for up to 5 years. However, cookies delete themselves after a number of months that may vary but they renew after each visit.


5. Who uses the information?

It is primarily Villapartner's own staff who use the information contained in our systems and only to perform the described tasks. However, we disclose some necessary information to partners such as homeowners and service companies to fulfill all our obligations to you and provide the best service.

We can also pass information to selected third parties such as homeowners or their contacts, credit card companies or external suppliers that help with to complete your booking and itineraries. In addition, we do not disclose the information you provide to the 3rd person without your prior agreement.


6. When can we contact you in the future?

We would like to provide you with information about our, as well as selected partners, products, offers and services. We can do this by phone, email or text message unless you have notified us that you do not want to receive this. We will always ask you to confirm in advance that you wish to receive third party offers. If you wish to change the way we use your information in our marketing, such as, to unsubscribe from receiving marketing material from us, you can send an email to


7. How can you access and update your information?

 You have the right to request a copy of the personal information we have on you. If you want a copy of some or all of the information, please send an email to the email address down below. Please note that we may require a small administration fee for the transmission of this information. We want to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up to date. You can ask us to correct or remove information that you think is incorrect.


8. Is this policy for websites linked?

 Our website may contain links to other websites. This cookie and personal data policy apply only to our website, so if you use links to other websites, we recommend that you read their cookie and personal data policy.


9. How do we update this cookie and personal data policy?

 We review our cookie and personal data policy on a regular basis and we make any updates on our website. This cookie and data policy was last updated in February 2018.


10. Indictions and objections

If you wish to be deleted from our systems or have any questions, please contact:

Villapartner A / S

A.W.Holmsvej 1D

DK - 3250 Gilleleje

Telefon: +45 88807772