Safety and security

You can feel confident entrusting your home to Villapartner. We have over 50 combined years of experience and we promise to provide you with a high level of professional service and to be available to you at all times. Villapartner has been operating successfully since 2009. We are currently experiencing rapid growth, and we welcome you to join us. We take care of all communication between homeowners and guests and will ensure that homeowners are fully paid prior to guest arrival. Content and liability insurance is included in all of our rentals, so you can rest assured that you will be covered for any damage that may occur during a guest’s stay in your home. To ensure the best possible experience for both tenants and homeowners, it is extremely important that you update your property’s availability calendar with any bookings made with providers other than Villapartner. We will ensure that the calendar is always updated from our end.We are always available to answer any questions and we stand fully behind our commitments.


We include content and liability insurance with all of our rentals. This policy covers the damages to household contents during the insurance period, including damages to windows and wash basins. The policy covers up to and including a maximum of €6,500 for damages to household items during the period of cover. Special private household contents are covered solely up to a maximum of €1,300 per insurance event. There is a €65 deductible for this coverage. The full details or our insurance policy are available here please read here.

Quality Standards

At Villapartner, we personally inspect each property to ensure that it lives up to our high professional standards. After visiting your house, villa or apartment, we will appoint a rating between two and five stars. Our star rating system:

2 stars: Simple/minimalistic accommodation.

3 stars: Average accommodation with standard furniture.

4 stars: Well-equipped houses/apartments of high standard with comfortable furniture.

5 stars: Our best houses/apartments, tastefully decorated and with modern furniture.

Please note: The rental price for the property is based on a number of different criteria including view, extra equipment, area, size and demand. Due to this, there is not necessarily a direct correlation between the star rating and the rental price.

Fully-updated calendar system

The most important elements for both homeowners and potential guests is our automated calendar system. You will be given a secure login to our calendar system allowing you to see all current bookings at your convenience. When we make a booking, the calendar will be updated automatically and you will receive an automated email from our system. It is extremely important that you update the rental calendar with any bookings made through any sales channels other than Villapartner. This is to ensure that the calendar is always updated in our system so the clients get what they book.